Jewellery Box


Our philosophy, in both product and service, is centred around our direct collaboration with the values of our benefactors.

This font of inspiration has evolved over the years into our own distinctive Collections, that range from futuristic visions to reinterpretations of the past.

By booking an appointment, our guests are ensured the attention of Guy and Max, whose direct knowledge of traditional manufacture and retail, award winning design and contemporary artistry, plus their parents’ respective influences in the sourcing and craft dimensions of the business, resulting in a celebration of individual excellence.

The combination of our shared philosophy with the dichotomy of the brothers’ skill sets and experiences is translated into jewellery using the following process. GUY&MAX wish to convert this successful model into other mediums in the future.

On visiting GUY&MAX, patrons are treated to a salon style experience by Guy whose lifelong dedication to gemstones and jewellery, coupled with his romanticism for occasion and people, makes the initial consultation entirely personal. He will talk about and demonstrate using samples which precious metal and style will suit each different person plus the respective gemstones that would suit these combinations, making sketches if necessary.

Once these building blocks are in place, whether over one or multiple meetings, the detailed information is transferred to Max’s studio. Using an amalgamation of softwares including architectural, engineering and animation, he creates designs that are emailed to the client for approval or adjustment. Once all parties are happy with these illustrations, they are prototyped in resin for the recipient to try on to ensure scales are perfect.

The creation of the reality can then begin. The design’s digital files are transferred to one of the UK’s most innovative bullion companies who, using recycled precious metal to avoid contributing to the mining process wherever possible, either 3D print or cast the platinum, gold or silver. This metallic perfection is then returned to the GUY&MAX workshop where it is painstakingly filed up, assembled, adjusted and prepared before our stone setter adds the gemstones and polishes, all by hand. The resulting product is a unique combination of skill sets from contemporary digital to traditional artisan.

The jewels are then presented in our distinctive blue boxes with the relevant paperwork for accounts and insurance plus laboratory certificates for important stones. Guy will talk the recipient through the best way to maintain, clean and protect each article. However, we do insist that clients pop in to utilise our more thorough cleaning facilities at least once a year when we will clean, check and reappraise our creations in accordance with most insurance companies stipulations. This is a free service.