Jewellery Box

Unique Fine Jewellery

We believe that important occasions merit a personal approach for the most discerning lovers of extraordinary jewellery throughout the world.

We brothers have carved this niche by amalgamating our individual skills. Guy focuses his passion for jewellery on individual service and a knowledge acquired  through the family's heritage in the diamond business. Max channels his adoration of bespoke design by creating objects that challenge the traditional, using graphic patterns discovered in mankind's recent explorations into the natural world.

Our five Collections are dominated by Digital Nature and Algorithm, sculptural creations of organic and random forms respectively. Vintage, Deco and Birdcage are  retrospective and contemporary interpretations for day to day wear. Whether within the Collections or as a one-off, we pride ourselves on a Bespoke, personalised approach. 

As award winners, we use an amalgamation of softwares to produce digital designs that could not be handmade with traditional methods. That said, our workshop set the stones and polish the metal using techniques that marry the worlds of past and present. None of our pieces are mass produced.